“I had the opportunity to work with Gail Murray for the better part of 10 years, as RBC Royal Bank’s Manager of Aboriginal Banking for British Columbia. Bringing with her, outstanding leadership qualities and commitment towards the advancement of aboriginal peoples in Canada, she led RBC’s largest aboriginal banking region in the country. Gail Murray’s big picture thinking, partnership building skills and unique ability to bridge understanding between aboriginal communities and RBC, have been invaluable to our organization and most importantly to the aboriginal peoples she serves. Gail’s leadership has propelled RBC to work smarter in recognizing aboriginal rights/title and to promoting collaborative action across the country. She has initiated and facilitated many aboriginal-focused discussions, projects and events, paving the way for RBC to formulate and adapt banking policies and frameworks that meet the growing needs of this dynamic marketplace. Gail Murray’s expertise, drive and enthusiasm have been a great asset to our organization, contributing to her being a great colleague to the RBC aboriginal banking team and to me. Gail’s capacity for aboriginal community development has demonstrated enormous future potential for First Nations in Canada. I would not hesitate to refer her for any endeavor that she chooses as she is such a highly talented individual.”

Charles Coffey O.C.

Retired RBC Executive.
Inter - Governmental Relations

“Everyone wants a good return on their investments and to make money. Now, more then ever before, have returns been questioned. What is the cost of these investments? Canadians are generous by nature and are transferring their wealth on to the next generations with unprecedented philanthropy and commitment to their integrity. Many of my clients want to ensure that their invested wealth matches their personal values without compromise. Environmental sustainability, social values, corporate governance, human rights and diversity all represent issues that are genuinely embraced by Gail Murray, personally and professionally, as President of Vero Consultants who invests and supports in the Jantzi Social Index (JSI) Canada, the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI) and the Equador Principles. Gail Murray is forward thinking, socially progressive and believes in the power of long-term sustainability, one relationship, one investment and one choice at a time. In my life, I have never met anyone more passionate about her role in our global community and her quest for change for her people and the planet. Her path is honest and her leadership unquestionable. She is the real thing.”

Noelle Bellomi
RBC Dominion Securities
Investment Advisor & Financial planner

“Gail Murray has shown the utmost of professionalism in her dealings with the Westbank First Nation. She is at the top of her field, implementing the first program in Canada to allow mortgages on reserve. Her demeanor in dealing with our legal council and community members was always impressive in every way. Gail’s excellence in attention to detail and genuine concern for the prosperity of First Nations Peoples has given me a great deal of respect for her and I wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

Larry Derrickson

Councilor Westbank First Nation

“Gail Murray is a proven leader in breaking down barriers between Corporate Canada and First Nation communities. This is largely due to her honest approachability and her progressive vision. She understands the key to First Nations self determination is through economic independence while still embracing a holistic approach to indigenous and corporate relations. Her commitment to positive change will surely bring continued success for those she touches.”

Shawn A-in-chut Atleo
National Chief Assembly of First Nations
Chancellor of Vancouver Island University

“I have known Gail for approximately 8 years as the BC Regional Manager of aboriginal banking for RBC. I believe Gail has the best interest of First Nations in mind. She has an incredible network of influential First Nations individuals. Her First Nations contacts have confidence in Gail’s ability and willingness to assist in building sustainable and successful relationships allowing for initiatives to move forward.”

Allen Edzerza

Trustee, Bear Dog Enterprises

“I have had the pleasure maintaining a business relationship with Gail for the last 10 years. Over that time we have embarked on a number of economic and community development projects. Through developing strong relations we were able to open the first First Nations owned agency bank in BC. Gail understands that for First Nations to be self-determining, economic development and community development are connected and that all needs to be supported, to build a healthy and prosperous community.”

Willard Wilson
Chief Skidegate First Nation (Former)